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An action Strategy game where you spawn waves of soldiers from eras from any time in eternity (see what I did there) to fight the enemy, while playing as one of the soldiers yourself.

IMPORTANT NOTE!!! READ BEFORE YOU CLICK AWAY!!! This game is NOT a TABS or Ancient Warfare 2 clone. The placing of units is similar to those games, but this game is wave based, meaning that you spawn characters in waves during the actual gameplay. This creates entirely different strategies as well as much more intense gameplay than either TABS or AncientWarfare2.

I will post updates to the devlog daily at around 8 PM EST to talk about updates on the game.

It is unknown when this game will be ready for download, but it should be ready for early access in a reasonable amount of time.

I am very open for suggestions on improvements and expansions on the game, so feel free to comment what you would like to see. I will try my best to answer as many comments as possible as quickly as possible.

Thanks for reading this far. If for some reason you were this patient to read all the way down here before you followed, I highly suggest doing that now. Otherwise, this would have been a waste of your time. Or not. Maybe you REALLY like to read. I don't judge.

I'm really excited about this game, and I thank you for any support you give to it, whether it comes in the form of monetary support or just following this game.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator: This inspired the placing of units on a grid with different types of units from many different times zones.
Star Wars Battlefront II: The fact that you could play as one of the soliders in the campaign was always fascinating to me. I want to make this game to try and recreate that feeling. It also takes inspiration from the taking of bases to win the game.
Risk: Yea, the board game. Risk is a game that rewards you for having more places under your control, which is what this game will do. The more bases under your control, the more units you can spawn.

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